Kati Elliott

Past experience teaching preschool, serving as managing editor for Curriculum Product News (now District Administration magazine), and working as an account representative at a mid-sized public relations agency in New York and Minneapolis has turned Kati into what competitors have called a “PR machine.” She knows how reporters think, she knows how kids and educators think and she knows how to package stories in a way that appeals to both. In addition to running KEH, Kati has collaborated on the Software Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) book Expert’s Guide to the K-12 Market, available at the SIIA eStore. You can also read her advice on how to effectively conduct a press suite at Selling to Schools.com.

Kati is a member of PRSA, the Education Writers Association and the National Educational Technology Writers Association and the Association of Educational Publishers. She’s also a member of the Dirty Old Ladies of Software (DOLS), an organization for women in the field of education who mentor industry newcomers called (not surprisingly) the Dirty Young Ladies of Software (DYLS). When she’s not working, Kati can be found sailing, holding boot camp fitness classes, running or sampling good wines. A self-proclaimed “foodie,” Kati has catered numerous large parties just for fun!

Contact Kati at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (410) 975-9638.