Luca Lashes® Website Offers Downloadable Activity Sheets for Young Children

Coloring pages, mazes, hidden picture, spot the difference games and more provide technology-free fun

Chandler, AZ August 13, 2013 – Creators of Luca Lashes® LLC’s multilingual eBook and app series are offering an “Activities for Kids” section on their website to provide free non-technology activities to entertain young children. The activities, like the eBooks and apps, are based on a young boy named Luca whose magical eyelashes help make him brave. The series helps turn “fearful firsts” into educational experiences, whether it is a child’s first haircut, first dentist visit, first swimming lesson, and more.

The activities include:
•    Connect the Dots Game – Children can work on shape recognition, while they try to form some of Luca’s favorite objects, such as Pete’s dog bone and Luca’s life preserver.
•    Coloring Sheets – Scenes of Luca at the dentist, hair salon, and more are available for children to color. Children will enhance their artistic abilities and improve motor skills simultaneously.  
•    Mazes – These mazes for kids are a fun way to work on problem solving and motor skills as they navigate through a swimming pool to find Luca’s goggles, or a giant tooth to find his toothbrush.
•    Find the Difference – Children learn to pay attention to detail, while determining the discrepancies between various side-by-side images of different Luca Lashes’ settings.
•    Find It! – While searching for hidden images based of listed words such as “Pencil,” “Comb,” or “Spoon,” children will begin to develop reading comprehension and logic skills.
•    Review – After reading Luca Lashes® and his First Haircut, parents can test their child’s memory with a review question like “What four things did Luca see on his trip to the hair salon?” The printable picture sheets help children identify the images.
•    Cut and Paste – For an easy arts and crafts session, children can cut out, then put together Luca’s snowman. Toddlers will not only have a fun activity, they will also learn spatial reasoning and further develop motor skills.
•    Silly Things – Build logic skills for children as they ask themselves “What doesn’t belong or what is out of place?” in various scenes with Luca.

All of the activities can be downloaded in PDF or JPG formats and printed for free. Parents can begin the fun today by visiting the “Activities for Kids” section on the Luca Lashes website here

Created by long-time educators Nicole and Damir Fonovich, the Luca Lashes® eBook and app series were inspired by their little boy, Lucas, and their desire to help him be brave in all his childhood discoveries. Many children fear the unknown, but with the help of a good book, and Luca’s magic lashes, they too can overcome their fears and learn from the world around them. All Luca Lashes stories are perfect for children under four years of age, as well as older children who either need additional coaching on conquering first experiences or those learning new languages.

Interested readers can familiarize themselves with the Luca Lashes® series for free by downloading the first app in the series, Luca Lashes®, the Brown-Eyed Boy with the Magic Eyelashes on iTunes, Google play, the Amazon App Store, or NOOK

About Luca Lashes® LLC

Luca Lashes® is a series of interactive apps and eBooks helping children to be brave when confronting new, unexpected and sometimes fearful, experiences. Parents and caregivers can use these apps and eBooks to help children deal with their "fearful firsts," including first visits to the doctor or dentist, first trip to the nursing home, first haircut, among other firsts. To stay up to date on Luca Lashes, visit and sign up for the e-newsletter. You can also connect with Luca Lashes® on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, or its blog. View the electronic press kit here.