Worried About Summer Slide? Pick up an Educational App

Baltimore, MD – (KidsEducationNews.com) – We hear it every year – our children lose approximately a month of learning during the summer making it difficult for them to jump into new content in the fall.  So what is a parent to do?  With the accessibility and portability of mobile devices, and some pretty robust learning apps, parents can keep their children learning all summer long.

The myCreate app from iCreate to Educate bridges the physical and digital to allow children to make movies reminiscent of flipbooks on any subject they desire.  Used in schools to have students demonstrate their knowledge of core content areas such as science, mathematics and language arts, parents can use myCreate to document and share family vacations, environment changes, or even depict how plants grow in the summer.

“Our software allows children to easily capture still images from a webcam or camera on a mobile device, narrate, add music and play them back in movie form like a digital flipbook,” said Melissa Pickering, founder of iCreate to Educate and a former Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company. “This app takes creation of stop-motion animation to another level and helps us further our mission to engage all K12 learners, whether they are in the classroom or at home. And it can help foster technology skills found on the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).”

Using the myCreate app is as simple as positioning, pointing, and clicking. Children then create videos by slowing down or speeding up the delivery of frames, duplicating frames to lengthen scenes, and adding music or audio recordings to their videos. With the myCreate app, children can bring to life any number of items, from toys and crafts to household goods, and tell a story about them. Completed videos can be saved to personal albums and shared with family members and friends via Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo.  The full myCreate app is available for $4.99, yet a limited feature version is available for free.

According to Rich Trombetta, father of two girls aged six and eight in Acton, Massachusetts, “Kids are able to use myCreate with little to no parental guidance. It is refreshing as a parent to see an app that is not a game or simply a way to drill kids on subject matter. This app brings out their imaginations and creativity.”

To help children work on reading and writing during the summer, try the Super Duper StoryMaker app from Super Duper Publications. With more than 800 illustrations of places, people, and items for story creators to choose from and the ability to add personal photos, include personal drawings and handwriting, and record story text, it is a perfect way to get even reluctant writers interested in telling their summer stories. StoryMaker has a free version, as well as a $4.99 app that allows children to save and email stories.

To prepare young learners for the start of the new school year, check out one or more of the interactive book apps from Wanderful Interactive Storybooks.  Based on the Living Books series, these apps bring stories such as Arthur’s Birthday and Tortoise and the Hair to life with the fully animated pages. Each app includes English and Spanish story content for $4.99 with the ability to upgrade to French with an in-app purchase.

All apps are available in the iTunes store.