PublicSchoolWORKS Helps Schools Prepare and Defend Their Students with New Crisis Response Program

The comprehensive program trains school staff on how to effectively prepare for crisis situations

Cincinnati, OH – May 6, 2013 – To meet the essential need for greater school safety, PublicSchoolWORKS,  the signature safety solution for schools, is offering the new Crisis Response Program, a fully automated system to manage the training, safety tasks, interagency support and resources needed for a complete solution to crisis preparation, as well as customization to ensure that schools and local agencies are prepared to act in the event of a crisis. 

The Crisis Response Program helps districts prepare for active shooter situations, bomb threats, natural disasters and other crisis events. This complete program includes staff and student training, automated compliance tasks, printable forms and procedure lists and other tools essential for districts to achieve a complete and effective crisis response. 

“The way we handle crises today has changed, especially in light of recent school shootings.  Our software provides a comprehensive approach to crisis response and includes the tools that round out a comprehensive crisis response program,” said Tom Strasburger, vice president of PublicSchoolWORKS. “Our goal with this program is to ensure that schools are prepared to act in such a way that keeps students and staff safe in the event of a crisis.”

As part of the program, PublicSchoolWORKS offers several online training courses, including two different Active Shooter staff training courses: Active Shooter Response - Lockdown, Barricade, Escape and Active Shooter Response - Lockdown, Barricade, Escape, Counter Attack. Both courses teach employees to identify when it is safest to secure or barricade a classroom, as well as when it is appropriate to hide and/or evacuate in the event of an active shooter situation. The courses also instruct staff how to interact with law enforcement officials during and after active shooter situations so they do not hinder law enforcement efforts 

In addition, the course with the Counter Attack content helps staff understand when it is best to flee in a manner that will save the most lives such as running in a zigzag pattern and spreading out and, as a last resort, using physical aggression to scare off or surprise and overpower the shooter.  

The web-based system auto-emails staff when training related to crisis response has been assigned and to remind them when a deadline is approaching if they have not completed their training. This online platform allows staff to complete the training at their own convenience, thus freeing up valuable staff in-service days. Similarly, the programs’ Safety Task Management System auto-emails administrators when they have to complete mandated safety tasks to ensure that important responsibilities are addressed and do not slip through the cracks. These tasks include various safety drills, meetings with local authorities, building-specific tasks and ongoing security maintenance. 

The Crisis Response Program also includes communication elements for students and parents. They can find appropriate information and training in the Parent InfoCenter, PublicSchoolWORKS’ award-winning parent portal. Parent InfoCenter makes available to parents specific safety training that staff and students receive to help them understand how schools are being made safe. The portal also includes access to the Student Bullying & Hotline Reporting Systems and national crisis hotlines. 

PublicSchoolWORKS’ multi-tiered “set it and forget it” programs deliver training and other online tools that strategically protect and support students, staff and school districts. For more information on how PublicSchoolWORKS can improve district’s safety programs, contact 1-877-779-6757 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About PublicSchoolWORKS

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