New Core Curriculum Vocabulary Card Apps from Super Duper

Greenville, SC -November 15, 2012 – Super Duper Publications introduces four Webber Core Curriculum Vocabulary Card apps, one for each PreK-K, First, Second, and Third Grades. These apps are compatible with the iPad and are available in the iTunes App Store .

Core Curriculum Vocabulary Card apps help children learn core curriculum words in the four main curriculum areas – Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Each application comes with four decks that mirror the content in the printed Core Curriculum Fun Decks published by Super Duper.

The apps have four entertaining learning games — Super Duper Secret Decoder, where students use an interactive secret decoder to check their answers; Answer and Ask , where players choose answers and questions in a multiple choice format; Matching, which allows students to match words and definitions; and Drag ‘n Match, where players drag cards together to make a match.

The Core Curriculum PRO version has 400 pairs of colorfully illustrated digital vocabulary and definition cards, for a total of 800 card images (100 pairs/200 cards per deck for each grade level). All questions and answers have audio to help engage non-readers, and include text for early readers. An unlimited number of children can play each game. Users can advance to the next card or player manually or automatically, and have answers read back to them. Results from each game can be emailed, printed or shared.

There is a Core Curriculum FREE version for each grade level that lets users explore how each app works. The PreK-K and Second Grade FREE apps include the Social Studies decks, while the First and Third Grade FREE apps include the Science decks. All decks come with data tracking and the option of obtaining the additional decks through in-app purchases.

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