Triple Talk Photo Card Game from Super Duper

Greenville, SC – November 13, 2012 – Super Duper Publications has created a fun, fast-paced card game that everyone can enjoy. The new Triple Talk Multiple Meaning Photo Card Game is a great addition to the classroom or family game night.

Triple Talk, for ages 7 and up (grades 2 & up), focuses on building vocabulary, comprehension, and reasoning skills by teaching different meanings of words based on the context in which they appear. Players chose a Word card and then try to match it with up to three Photo Definition cards. For example, if the word were “FAIR,” players would try to match this Word card with its three Photo-Definition cards — “very light skin”; “weather that is not stormy or cloudy” and “a gathering of entertainment and amusement for the public.” The deck presents 60 vocabulary words, each with three different meanings based on their context.

Triple Talk has 60 Word cards and 180 Photo Definition Cards with full-color photos with brief phrases. All of the Level 1 Cards (blue) have definitions that are widely recognized. Levels 2 (pink) and 3 (green) gradually increase in difficulty by using the vocabulary words in contexts that are less familiar. The definitions present the words as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

This card game also includes an instruction booklet with game ideas and activities, and a sturdy storage tin. In addition to classroom and therapy use, Triple Talk is also a perfect travel game for summer vacations and for at-home learning.

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