New Word FLiPS - Spanish from Super Duper

Greenville, SC – November 6, 2012 – Super Duper Publications is pleased to announce a new entry into their growing line of Spanish language products — Word FLiPS: Spanish — designed to help young children who are slow to develop expressive language and those who have difficulty sequencing sounds.

Word FLiPS – Spanish, for ages 4 and up (grades PreK and up), is a spiral-bound flipbook with 52 Consonant-Vowel picture-words, organized into five tabbed word sections according to articulatory placement – Bilabial, Linguadental, Alveolar, Velar and Palatal.

The picture-words are organized according to normal speech development, from earlier developing sounds (bilabial) to later developing sounds (palatal). Word FLiPS – Spanish has three identical sections of “flip” cards, which allows the educator to focus on multiple repetitions of real words in order to maximize the benefits of every learning session for the student. Each page is laminated and made of sturdy card stock for long-lasting durability.

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