New Webber Photo Artic Castle App from Super Duper Publications

Greenville, SC –October 24, 2012 – Super Duper Publications has introduced the Webber Photo Artic Castle App for the iPad®, iPhone® and iPod Touch®, available in the iTunes App Store .

Webber Photo Artic Castle App, for all ages, is an interactive app that gives speech pathologists access to 3,000 photo-words with 24 phonemes for students to practice their articulation skills at the word, phrase, and sentence level. The app also targets certain phonology skills.

Artic Castle comes in Full and Free versions. The full version includes the B, CH, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, L blends, M, N, P, R (vocalic), R blends, S, S blends, SH, T, TH, V, W, Y and Z sounds, as well as select phonology targets. All of these sounds appear in the initial, medial, final, and/or recurring positions of words, phrases, and/or sentences. The photos in the app are taken from Sharon Webber’s popular “Jumbo Artic Drill Book – Volume 3” and have distraction-free white backgrounds. The Free version has all the features of the app for the B sound.

There are eight learning games and activities in Artic Castle — six arcade games (Balloon Pop, Fishing Rodeo, Hidden Treasure, Raceway, and Space Explorer) plus two entertaining Matching Games. Artic Castle allows an unlimited number of players to participate, lets individuals record and save player sound productions, tracks and graphs data, and allows results to be emailed and printed.

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