New Just for Laughs Card Deck from Super Duper

Greenville, SC – October 29, 2012 – Super Duper Publications has released its latest unique card deck — Just for Laughs — to help children and English language learners understand one of the most difficult tasks in language – comprehending what jokes mean and why they are funny.

Humor in any language often relies on words that have more than one meaning in that language. Just for Laughs takes the mystery out of English language multiple meaning words, phrases, and sentences, and gives players jokes to laugh (and learn) about.

The front side of each of the 100 cards includes a silly joke, plus a goofy illustrated picture demonstrating the joke. For fun, players can try to guess the answers to the jokes before looking at the card backs, which have four-part activities to help players understand why the jokes are funny.

The 3 X 5” cards include 40 jokes with multiple meaning words, 30 with multiple meaning phrases, and 30 with multiple meaning sentences. Players can earn “smile” tokens during play. The Information Booklet contains background theory and research, and the card set comes in a sturdy tin for easy storage.

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