Workbench Platform Builds Online Communities for Multiple Technology Companies to Support Project-based Learning with their Product Lines

Partners Dremel, Pai Technology and Robolink will have robust communities to give students, teachers and fans a place to create, access and share projects 

Baltimore, MD – June 26, 2017 – Edtech company Workbench has added partners Dremel, Pai Technology and Robolink to create online communities where makers, fans, students and educators can access projects that use 3D printers, robots and drones. 

 The partnerships are part of Workbench’s ongoing work to connect students, educators, makers and edtech companies. The Workbench platform provides access to hands-on, project-based learning that turns students into makers and helps educators meet standards and teach all subjects, topics and grades with inspiring projects using educational technology.  

“We are passionate about project-based learning and our new partnerships with Dremel, Pai Technology and Robolink will help us offer even more options to educators who want to provide hands-on learning opportunities for their students,” said Chris Sleat, CEO of Workbench. “Students will learn valuable STEM skills by programming drones and robots, dabbling in augmented reality, learning coding, and creating whatever they can dream up with 3D printers.”

Workbench will help Dremel create an online hub where educators can search for and share standards-aligned, project-based curriculum that uses the Dremel DigiLab 3D printer. Students can also build an online portfolio in the platform to showcase their 3D printing projects

Workbench will help Pai Technology create an online community for schools where teachers and students can access project-based lessons that use Augie, a robot that combines augmented reality and coding. The robot teaches children how to build their own games and activities through code.

"We are excited to partner with Workbench to further our mission of making it easier for schools to integrate STEAM into their curriculums so that students can gain tech skills early on and broaden their sense of wonder,” said Amy Braun, Director of Marketing for Pai Technology.

Workbench will help Robolink create Basecamp, an online hub to help users train for Robolink’s robotics and drone competitions. Educators and team coaches will use Basecamp to access and share project-based curriculum to train their squads to compete. 

“Students, educators and hobbyists will be able to access tutorials and standards-aligned curricula and share their own products with the community,” said Wes Hsu, Lead UX Designer at Robolink.

Workbench partners with schools, libraries and industry leaders such as Sphero, Parrot, and Makey Makey and now Dremel, Pai Technology and Robolink to create online communities where educators, students and fans can access and share free lessons using drones, programmable robots, 3D printers and a growing list of cutting-edge technology and educational products. Teachers use Workbench to assign project-based lessons and track student progress.  For an example of a Workbench community, visit


About Workbench 

The Workbench mission is to make Project-Based Learning (PBL) accessible and scalable in schools, districts, and libraries across the globe. The solution reduces the burden on teachers who want to teach PBL  by providing a straightforward framework for project authoring, delivery, and sharing coupled with a library of easily accessible projects teachers can leverage every day. This allows districts to move away from direct instruction as they embrace the PBL approach. The solution is supported by high-touch implementation, including professional development and gear/hardware sourcing which maximizes a district’s investment in PBL.

 Workbench not only provides districts with equipment for maker education and a secure hub to implement and share projects, it also serves as the backbone for many of the Maker Education Industry’s top learning communities including Sphero, Parrot, Makey Makey, and SparkFun Electronics.

For more information, visit

 About Dremel

Educators can search and share standard-aligned, project-based curriculum to maximize usability of the Dremel DigiLab 3D printer. The partnership with the Workbench platform also enables students to showcase their 3D printing projects and build an online portfolio. Simplicity and usability are central to Dremel DigiLab product design, meaning students can explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing technology. As STEM curriculum and its rich learning applications flourish, the Dremel DigiLab offers a complete and connected experience to advance modern learning.

About Pai Technology

Students grow, develop and play with Pai Technology. Pai Technology partners with schools and districts to enhance STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education for grades PreK-6. The technologies prompt a love of learning that’s essential to development and growth. Now, Pai Technology is entering the education market and making a splash in the classroom through Augie, a robot that combines augmented reality and coding.

About Robolink

Robolink makes programming fun, and we believe that learning happens best when students strive to complete a mission in a competition. The partnership between Robolink and Workbench will help to create Basecamp, where educators and team coaches will be able to access, learn, and share project-based curriculum as they train their squads to compete in our robotics and drone championships. Basecamp will be a central place, where your squad will be able to engage with the community to refine your skills, share your awesome projects, and become an elite winning team.