Impero Software Launches Major New Products to Help Schools Manage Mobile Devices and Analyze Data

EdLink for mobile device management and Impero Insight rich analytics tool make Impero an even more comprehensive solution for school systems

 Simi Valley, CA, June 23 2017 – Impero Software, a leading provider of classroom management, network management and online safety software, is showcasing multiple new products at ISTE 2017. These latest developments are designed to help schools manage and monitor devices in a BYOD or 1:1 environment and enhance the value customers are already receiving with flagship product Impero Education Pro.

 The new developments include:

 •New product launch – Impero EdLink is a mobile device management solution (MDM) that allows schools to manage multiple mobile devices, including iOS, Chrome OS and Android devices, while also safeguarding students online. Impero introduced this solution in response to the growing number of schools moving to bring-your-own device (BYOD) and 1:1 environments. This cloud-based solution works on school-owned devices and student-owned devices that are being used in school. It allows schools to configure devices from one centralized location, track their location, and control access to applications and online content in line with the schools’ acceptable use policies. Parents of students who attend a school using EdLink also have the option to monitor and control their child’s mobile device activity at home.

 •New module for Impero Education Pro - Impero Insight is a cloud-based, cross-server reporting and analytics tool that pulls a school or district’s data (collected by Impero Education Pro on one or across multiple servers) into detailed, visually-rich, interactive graphical reports that highlight trends in keyword detection and online safety across a school or district. The data can be analyzed at a district, school, classroom, or student level and helps inform decision-making by highlighting potential issues affecting particular groups or risks within the school system.

 •Clever integration with Impero Education Pro– Clever SIS integration enables school and district administrators to automatically create user groups in Impero from the school’s SIS system. Teachers will quickly see the groups of students assigned to them. Classroom management and online safety permissions can be applied to specific groups, saving teachers time.  Clever Secure Sync automatically updates a school’s roster by pulling information directly from more than 130 student information systems which are synced regularly.  This ensures the right students are in the right teaching groups within the Impero Console. 

 “We are pleased to offer Impero EdLink, Impero Insight and Clever SIS integration as the latest additions to our ever-growing product portfolio aimed at providing schools with robust, efficient and well-considered solutions,” said Sam Pemberton, Impero CEO. “The main objective of Impero EdLink is to provide an affordable, functional, simple-to-use MDM solution that specifically addresses BYOD and 1:1 implementations. Using Impero EdLink in conjunction with our flagship product, Impero Education Pro, empowers schools to have complete control over their network devices to ensure their students can learn safely and effectively online.”

 “In addition, the launch of Impero Insight and the Clever SIS integration, simplify and improve administrative tasks such as creating data reports and user groups,” said Pemberton. “Impero Education Pro users can now use Impero Insight to create and analyze graphical, interactive data, while the Clever integration streamlines the process of creating user and class groups within Impero Education Pro to help save teachers valuable time.”

 “We are thrilled to work with Impero Software to simplify the device management process,” said Ben Adida, VP of Engineering and Product, Clever. “Impero’s platform brings internet safety into the classroom, and Clever is excited to partner with such a respected EdTech company to create simple and secure learning environments for students.”

 Impero’s flagship Education Pro software monitors students’ online activity on a school’s network and uses algorithms to alert educators if students use keywords that could indicate issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, radicalization, self-harm, or a range of other issues. It also offers “Confide”, an anonymous reporting tool that allows students to voice concerns about themselves or another student. Impero partners with several non-profit and advocacy organizations to provide advice for school leaders on what to do if they encounter specific issues. 

 Impero Software provides the classroom management tools teachers use to make the digital learning experience an engaging one, keeping students focused and ultimately improving learning outcomes for the school or district. For example, teachers can share their screens, send and share files with students, take over or lock students’ computers, create exams and tests, assign tasks, send direct messages to students, or draw students’ attention back to the teacher. Schools can also use Impero Software for a wide array of administrative IT tasks such as controlling passwords, managing the use of printers, or setting computers to power on or off at certain times.

 Impero’s goal is to support schools in keeping students safe online and promoting good digital citizenship. Impero launched a $2.5 million “Best Technology for Schools” grant program in November, 2016 which allowed a number of school systems to gain access to this state-of-the-art technology at a subsidized rate. The company also released a white paper, co-authored with the Digital Citizenship Institute, in October, 2016, at the Digital Citizenship Summit in San Francisco, which offers insight and best practices when teaching digital citizenship in schools.  Impero also released an Online Safety Handbook this year which provides resources and best practices for schools that are using Impero Education Pro.


About Impero Software 

Impero Software offers remote monitoring and management software, relied upon by education establishments around the world. Founded in 2002, it is accessed by over 1.5 million devices in over 90 countries. In the UK it has a 40 percent market share of UK high schools and is used by over 350 U.S. districts.  

Impero’s leading edge software consolidates a range of powerful classroom, network and device management features enabling schools and colleges to reduce costs and improve both staff and student productivity. Its online safety functionality uses keyword detection technology to help schools safeguard students online.

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