Teton County School District #1 (WY) Partners with PublicSchoolWORKS to Automate Staff and Student Safety Processes

The EmployeeSafe and StudentWatch suites ensure documentation and tracking of all staff and student safety concerns for easy compliance and trend reporting 

Cincinnati, OH (November 10, 2015) – Managing staff and student safety consists of many aspects, which often leads districts to contract services with several vendors to get the job done and can lead to a management headache. In order to consolidate and improve their safety programming, Teton County School District (CUSD) #1 in Jackson, WY, is partnering with PublicSchoolWORKS to use its’ award-winning EmployeeSafe and StudentWatch suites. Also, Teton CUSD #1 is the first district in Wyoming to use StudentWatch’s Student Behavior Management System to report and track both positive and negative student behaviors. 

“EmployeeSafe’s ability to manage our training digitally, be more deliberate in our expectations of employees and reinforce training deadlines is what initially attracted us to PublicSchoolWORKS,” said Brad Barker, COO of Teton CUSD #1. “The additional EmployeeSafe safety management modules such as Compliance Task Manager, made us see how beneficial it can be to our district. We also liked StudentWatch’s ability to provide consistency in student safety matters, as well as the ability to remain FERPA-compliant because of tiered access to student reports. Both suites will provide consistency district-wide and make sure we’re in compliance.”

Prior to using PublicSchoolWORKS, Teton CUSD #1’s staff and student safety programming was cobbled together from different programs and content providers. However, much of it – such as the online staff training – lacked tracking and management functions. For student safety matters, the district was also using multiple programs – one for student behavior reporting and one for student accidents and health records. However, the systems made it cumbersome to transfer student data between schools such as when an 8th grade student moves on to 9th grade. With EmployeeSafe and StudentWatch, Teton CUSD #1 is able to eliminate these different programs, improve tracking and management functionalities and actually address all compliance requirements – all from one vendor. 

“Currently our human resources department is working with PublicSchoolWORKS’ Client Services to plan and schedule all mandated staff training, drills, inspections and other compliance tasks for the year,” said Barker. “PublicSchoolWORKS is even working with us to create a customized student accident reporting protocol by bridging the Student Accident Management System and our existing student medical record software. PublicSchoolWORKS will improve the fidelity of our safety reporting and instill uniformity in all of our safety processes.” 

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