Israeli-based Modular™ Construction Toys Builds Momentum in U.S.

Connectable and compatible construction sets allow both boys and girls to build train tracks, raceways, towns and more

Merion Station, PA -- March 19, 2014 – Modular™ Construction Toys, the Israeli-based manufacturer of Modular Toys construction sets, brings its innovative product line to the U.S. with Modular Toys USA. This expansion brings the popular racetracks, locomotive construction and building sets for ages 4-8 to specialty toy retailers across the U.S.

Modular Construction Toys is focused on the American specialty toy market with more than 125 stores across the country already stocking its construction sets. The expansion is led by experienced specialty toy distributor and consultant, Steve Pechter. 

“Modular Toys has a huge following in Israel and I am already starting to see that same level of interest in the United States,” said Pechter. “Our pieces use a patented connection system to allow all sets to work together for open-ended play.  The pieces are large enough for little hands and included characters and vehicles to bring the sets to life for children.”

Sets are designed to grow vertically through the use of included elevation pieces and no sorting of pieces needs to take place since the innovative connector pieces let children mix and match different Modular Construction Toys sets to engage in developing creativity and abstract thinking.

New Modular Construction Toys sets available for this season include:


The Mega Racetrack is Modular Construction Toys’ newest addition to its racetrack line. The set includes 9 construction pieces and 3 cars, ideal for the child who can build and play for hours. The set comes in a new, sturdy plastic storage bin for easy clean up and organization (MSRP $119.99). The 3D Road Builder set is one of the company’s most popular racetrack sets. It includes 24 construction pieces and one buildable car (MSRP $24.99). Other racetrack sets include: 3D Racetrack, a set with 46 construction pieces and two buildable cars (MSRP $49.99), and 3D Highway, a set with 72 construction pieces and four buildable cars (MSRP $69.99).  

Locomotive Sets

The locomotive product line consists of three different sets. The 3D Railroad set includes 32 construction pieces, one locomotive and two train cars to assemble (MSRP $29.99), 3D Railway consists of 62 pieces, one locomotive and three train cars (MSRP $49.99) and 3D Modular Express which comes with 101 pieces, one locomotive and three train cars (MSRP $69.99). 

Building Sets

The newest Modular Toy Construction set is Town Builder. It combines standing structures and train tracks for the ultimate town layout. The set comes with 74 pieces to build train tracks and castle-like structures, one locomotive, two train cars and three characters (MSRP $69.99). Town Builder will be available online here in June 2014. 

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About Modular ™ Construction Toys

Modular™ Construction Toys, an Israeli-based company, specializes in the design and production of three dimensional construction toys. The concept is based on a new patented and innovative modular system that enables the construction sets to be connectable and compatible. Challenging children’s minds to imagine and create a new toy every time, Modular Construction Toys promote creativity, planning, three-dimensional perception, abstract thinking and fine motor skills.