Scholarships for Teachers Provide Training on How to Incorporate Renewable Energy Science into Instruction

Funding helps educators join the KidWind WindSenators Network 

(Saint Paul, MN) February 27, 2014 – KidWind, the international leader of clean energy education, invites all educators interested in renewable energy education to apply for numerous scholarships for the WindSenator teacher training to be held in St. Paul, MN on June 23-27, 2014. These scholarships are sponsored by the Department of Energy, the XCEL Energy Windsource Program and EDP Renewables and will provide training to help teachers implement renewable energy science instruction into the classroom and be a resource for their communities. The deadline to apply for the WindSenators training is April 1, 2014. For more information about scholarships, eligibility and to apply, go to

KidWind’s mission is to equip educators with the knowledge necessary to bring the science behind renewable energy to the classroom and prepare students to become participants in a future focused on renewable energy.  According to the United States Department of Energy, to be the world’s leader in renewable energy, the country needs to inform the public, create support for renewable energy and educate a workforce to “design, build, operate, maintain, and advance wind power equipment and technology.”

The KidWind WindSenators Network is a team of more than 100 teacher trainers and outreach coordinators in 31 states and four countries trained by KidWind to be renewable energy ambassadors for their schools, community, state and region. WindSenators are qualified to conduct teacher trainings, give valuable input toward the development of new renewable energy curriculum and materials and facilitate KidWind Challenge Events. The five-day training program provides hands-on instruction on wind energy science and technology through innovative curricula, tours and guest speakers. 

“Having the most qualified ambassadors is important to any cause,” said Michael Arquin, founder of KidWind. “Through these expertly-trained WindSenators, KidWind is spreading awareness about the benefits and challenges of wind energy not only in the classroom, but also in their communities.”

These teacher training scholarships are part of the new Future of Renewables Initiative (FORI). The FORI connects wind and solar companies, researchers, and industry professionals with innovative renewable energy education projects to empower and excite students to become members of the future renewables workforce. KidWind wants to become the hub that connects  teachers, districts, states and regions to industry and professionals to develop a dynamic suite of programming that will help students and communities think critically about the challenges the nation faces and the renewable energies that will fuel the future.

“Since our start in 2003, KidWind has helped more than 10,000 teachers who impact more than 600,000 students each year,” said Arquin. “However, this milestone is just the beginning. Through collaboration and partnership, KidWind will broaden and deepen the impact of renewable energy education, as well as bring renewable energy conversations beyond the science lab.”

For more information about the WindSenators program, the available scholarships, and FORI, visit:

About KidWind

KidWind has been the leader of clean energy education for nearly a decade and is guiding the delivery of green STEM education today. In addition to creating its own curriculum and conducting teacher trainings and student competitions, the company partners with leading universities, developers, and museums to plant the seeds for clean energy development.  For more information about KidWind, please visit its website at