Teachscape Selected as a Performance Evaluation System Vendor for The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)

Teachscape to offer TCPN members award-winning teacher observation and assessment tools

SAN FRANCISCO, August 1, 2013 – Teachscape, the leader in delivering Web-based solutions and expert services to improve teaching practice, has been approved as a teacher performance evaluation system vendor for The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN). The more than 35,000 TCPN members will be able to purchase Teachscape’s award-winning teacher effectiveness platform using a significantly streamlined procurement process.

TCPN is a fast-growing, national governmental purchasing cooperative, whose lead agency is the Region 4 Education Service Center, which was established in 1967 by the State of Texas under Chapter 8 of the Texas Education Code. TCPN helps public agencies and non-profits reap the benefits of national leveraged pricing. TCPN has contracts, all of which are competitively bid, evaluated and awarded by a government entity serving in the lead agency role, with national vendors for commonly purchased products and services allowing entities to make compliant purchases at a valued rate.

“We work diligently with all of our customers to help them increase teaching effectiveness and strengthen school leadership,” said Kathy Yates, chief executive officer of Teachscape. “We are proud to be awarded the TCPN contract and to be able to offer TCPN members our solutions via a streamlined and efficient purchasing process.”

TCPN leverages one of the largest pools of purchasing potential and allows agencies – including K-12 schools, private schools, charter schools, state colleges and universities, non-profits, cities, counties and more – to receive combined buying power regardless of the entity’s size.

“As the demands on educators continue to increase, it is critical that they have the necessary tools and systems to help them excel,” said Chris Penny, vice president of TCPN. “We are excited to have awarded a national Teachscape contract, which will help participating schools develop quality teachers to improve student learning.”

Teachscape provides educators with software tools, professional learning resources, and expert services that systematically improve teaching practice and accelerate professional growth. With the Teachscape Effectiveness Platform, district leaders can strengthen the effectiveness of their organizations, resulting in more focused and aligned staff, increased personnel retention and professionalism, and better student outcomes. 

To learn more about Teachscape as an approved TCPN performance evaluation system vendor, visit http://www.tcpn.org/Vendors/Pages/Teachscape.aspx.

About The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)

TCPN is a national governmental purchasing cooperative, established in 1997 whose contracts have been competitively bid and awarded, by a governmental entity serving in the lead agency role, to national vendors for commonly purchased products and services, including facilities, furniture, office supplies and equipment, security systems and technology.  Entities that must comply with purchasing procedures mandated by state laws and regulations, like public and private schools, colleges and universities, cities, counties, nonprofits, and all governmental entities, use TCPN contracts to increase their efficiency and economy when procuring goods and services. As a national purchasing cooperative, TCPN leverages one of the largest pools of purchasing potential and allows agencies to receive a combined buying power regardless of the entity’s size. For more information about TCPN, please visit www.tcpn.org.

About Teachscape

Teachscape uniquely combines innovative technology, engaging content and expert services to develop great teachers. From its classroom observation training and technology to its powerful web-based content delivery platform, Teachscape’s award-winning products and services have been inspired by its dedication to sparking transformative change in teaching practice.  Since 1999, Teachscape has worked with schools and school districts, charter networks, archdioceses, universities and state education departments to measurably and continuously improve the effectiveness of educators to produce gains in student achievement. Teachscape’s partners include Charlotte Danielson, ETS, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Stanford University, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to help shape its vision, its products, and its strategies. To learn more about Teachscape and its complete collection of professional development offerings, go to http://www.teachscape.com.

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