Upcoming Webinar Features Charlotte Danielson and her New Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition

Teachscape’s March 14th webinar focuses on conducting teacher evaluations and developing observer proficiency using the new Framework

SAN FRANCISCO, March 6, 2013 – Charlotte Danielson, author of the Framework for Teaching, and Mark Atkinson, founder and chief strategist of Teachscape, will hold a free one-hour webinar for district administrators on using the new Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition (the ‘2013 Edition’) to enhance professional practice and more easily conduct teacher evaluations. The webinar, “The New Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition,” will take place on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 2 pm ET/11 am PT. To register, go to: http://www.teachscape.com/danielson-webinar.  

During the webinar, Danielson and Atkinson will introduce the revised Framework, discuss how classroom observers can use the 2013 Edition to more deeply understand the instructional implications of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and share the latest research on observer accuracy and maintaining observer proficiency. All webinar attendees will also receive a complimentary soft copy of the 2013 Edition. 

“In today’s high stakes environment, it is imperative that observers are equipped with the knowledge, training and tools to effectively conduct fair, consistent and reliable teacher evaluations,” said Charlotte Danielson. “With the inclusion of the instructional implications of the CCSS and new language refinements, the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition, provides educators with the most comprehensive approach for implementing a common language to define good teaching. This definition, in turn, serves as the foundation for both professional learning and teacher evaluation processes.”

The 2013 Edition helps classroom observers in the 46 states that have adopted the CCSS more deeply understand the instructional implications of the new standards, particularly the general CCSS themes of the precise use of academic language, argumentation and student use of strategies. The enhancements also provide observers with possible examples they can use to deepen their understanding as they conduct evaluations across academic disciplines.

The language refinements throughout the 2013 Edition help observers more accurately conduct evaluations and observations and were made in the interest of clarity, consistency and ease of use. These refinements provide observers with additional guidance for scoring and help observers provide more precise feedback to teachers. 

As the exclusive digital provider of the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument, 2013 Edition, Teachscape, a pioneer in using authentic classroom video for professional development, and the leader in delivering Web-based professional learning content, innovative classroom observation and evaluation technologies, and expert services to improve teaching practice, will be releasing the 2013 Edition in its Teachscape Focus observation training and assessment system and in its Teachscape Reflect observation and evaluation system.

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