iCreate to Educate Announces Strategic Partnership with Kaplan Early Learning Group

iCreate partners with Kaplan Early Learning Company and its sister companies to enhance the way children learn worldwide

BOSTON, MA – February 1, 2013 – iCreate to Educate announces a forthcoming strategic partnership with Kaplan Early Learning Group. Although specific details of the investment remain undisclosed, the aim of this partnership is to better leverage each company’s product line and strengthen its mutual market presence.

A Boston #edtech startup, iCreate’s innovative software and complete product line offer an engaging digital experience through hands-on exploration. iCreate’s assets perfectly complement Kaplan Early Learning Company’s existing digital content and physical product line and will strengthen its overall market reach.

“We feel very fortunate to have immediate access to market channels that we could never have dreamed of having alone at this stage,” says Melissa Pickering, founder of iCreate to Educate.

With distribution channels across the globe, iCreate to Educate and Kaplan Early Learning Group’s mutual investment will allow teachers and parents worldwide to find value in blending the digital and physical worlds of learning and play.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with an innovative new company that shares our same vision, values, and commitment to enhancing the lives and learning of children everywhere,” says Melissa Harper, director of business and finance at Kaplan Early Learning Group.

About iCreate to Educate

iCreate engages all learners through simple tools that bridge hands-on exploration with digital creativity. Founded on university research, iCreate's SAM Animation software and myCreate app offers easy-to-use stop-motion animation that provides the perfect blend of creativity, imagination, and learning-by-doing for all kids.

About Kaplan Early Learning Company

Based in Lewisville, North Carolina, Kaplan Early Learning Company provides products and services that enhance children’s learning. Since 1968, the company has delivered innovative products and services that support educators and caregivers worldwide in the creation of quality learning environments.