New Comprehending Negation Fun Deck from Super Duper

Greenville, SC – January 23, 2013 – Super Duper Publications has introduced a new card deck — Comprehending Negation in Sentences Fun Deck — to its growing line of Fun Decks to help children understand statements that include the word “not.”  

Comprehending Negation in Sentences, for ages 7 and up (grades 2 and up), has 56 illustrated cards.  Each double-sided card features a picture and two sentences.  Students look at the illustrations to determine what is happening in the scenes. Then, they complete the sentences by selecting from three possible answer choices.  

Of the two sentences, one is an affirmative statement (The toy plane is…a. pink  b. flying  c. crying  d. crashing), and the other is a negation statement that uses the word “not” (The toy plane is not…a. burning  b. damaged   c. small  d. his).   The affirmative and negation sentences appear first or second in a random order so children have to use their attention skills to get the right answers. Players check their answers with the easy-to-use answer key.  Each card deck comes in a sturdy tin for easy storage

Comprehending Negation is a great resource to help children improve their comprehension, inferencing, and critical thinking skills, as well as assisting students who have difficulty taking tests.  Educators, therapists, and parents can use these cards in a classroom, therapy room, or home setting. 

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