Special Education Leaders Discuss Aligning IEPs to the Common Core During Free PresenceLearning Webinar

December 11, 2012 webinar addresses the shift in special education services for districts implementing the Common Core

SAN FRANCISCO, November 26, 2012 – To help district administrators lead their special education teams as they move to the new Common Core State Standards, PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online speech therapy for schools, is hosting a free webinar titled “Shift Happens: New IEP Language for a Common Core World” on Tuesday, December 11th at 1:00 pm ET (10:00 am PT). To register for the webinar, visit http://pages.presencelearning.com/spedahead8.

During the webinar, Judy Rudebusch, EdD, CCC-SLP, Assistant Superintendent for Special Services at Irving Independent School District, and Perry Flynn, M.Ed. CCC-SLP, Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina/Greensboro, will discuss how the CCSS-aligned IEP transition will impact how SLPs and other special educators work with students and what language to use when writing IEPs. The speakers will also show how district leaders can help their teams ensure that goals, objectives and relative intervention strategies can be measured against these new standards.

By attending the webinar, participants will:

  • Identify the shift in language required to align with the Common Core.
  • Review a guiding framework for writing IEPs with CCSS-aligned goals and objectives.
  • Recognize a CCSS-aligned IEP for primary and middle school grades.

This webinar is the eighth in a series of free webinars sponsored by PresenceLearning. The webinar series, entitled “SPED Ahead: New Realities, New Choices – A Forum for School Leaders,” brings together thought leaders who are re-thinking the way special education services, especially speech-language pathology services, are delivered.

About Judy Rudebusch

Judy Rudebusch is the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services at Irving Independent School District in Texas. In addition, she teaches the Public School Methods for graduate students in speech-language pathology at the Callier Center - University of Texas at Dallas, serves on multiple ASHA committees, and is a contributor to the RTI Action Network. Judy is a frequent presenter at special education conferences.

About Perry Flynn

Perry Flynn is an Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina/Greensboro and a consultant to the NC Department of Public Instruction in the area of Speech Language Pathology. He is a member of ASHA's Board of Directors and the Chair of the Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Council. He is co-author of ASHA publications Developing Educationally Relevant IEPs and Conducting Educationally Relevant Evaluations, and has presented several ASHA webinars on topics related to Federal and State Law.

About PresenceLearning

PresenceLearning (www.presencelearning.com) is the leading provider of live online speech therapy services for K-12 students. The company offers school districts web-based access to a growing, nationwide network of nearly 200 highly qualified speech language pathologists (SLPs) via live videoconferencing using the latest in evidence-based practice. PresenceLearning delivers large cost savings while improving student outcomes. PresenceLearning is an ASHA-approved continuing education provider for SLPs and a U.S. Department of Education grant-winner, dedicated to bringing the highest clinical standards to online speech therapy.