POWERUP Toys’ Flagship Product adds 2019 NAPPA Win to its Resume

The POWERUP 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Kit takes fun to new heights by transforming paper airplanes into soaring electric aircrafts

Tel Aviv, Israel (June 6, 2019) – While POWERUP Toys, the creator of the first smartphone-controlled paper airplane motor kit, continues to create new ultra-light propulsion motors for paper airplanes, its original creation is still getting noticed. The POWERUP 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Kit has been named a 2019 National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) winner. NAPPA is one of the longest running awards programs in the United States and has become a trusted source for families looking for the best toys, baby, and family products on the market.

The POWERUP 2.0 Free Flight Electric Paper Airplane Kit comes with everything children and their families need to start flying, including a high-speed coreless motor equipped with a quick charging port and a clip designed to fit on any paper airplane, as well as a battery-powered charging receptacle. After carefully designing and folding their paper airplanes, pilots charge the motor, which only takes 20 seconds. The only thing left to do is clip the motor onto the airplane and launch it into the air. 

To determine if the products submitted for the NAPPA program deserve the coveted award seal, families and their children act as toy testers by playing with the submitted products and providing feedback. After they played with the POWERUP 2.0, the families raved about their experiences. One toy tester’s children “kept cheering” and “saying [they] are ‘gassing up’ in reference to charging their plane.” They also enjoyed “seeing how far it could go and how long it could stay in the air.” Another toy tester’s children enjoyed the POWERUP 2.0 so much that the parents even took a turn flying the powered paper airplane.

“I was inspired to create the POWERUP 2.0 because of my love of flying and I wanted to share that fun learning experience with my family,” said Shai Goitein, CEO and Founder of POWERUP Toys. “Being selected as a NAPPA winner reassures me that we’re still accomplishing that goal.” 

To learn more about the POWERUP 2.0 and purchase a kit from POWERUP Toys, click here. The POWERUP 2.0 is also available for purchase on Amazon here.

About POWERUP Toys 

POWERUP Toys lets consumers of all ages expand their sense of play and experimentation by adding power to familiar paper airplanes. POWERUP Toys brings homemade paper airplanes into the future by adding next generation mobile controls, propulsion, and tools to take imagination to new heights.