"Harry and the Haunted House" Wins Coveted Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award

A second Wanderful title – “The Tortoise and the Hare” – is also recommended

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 18, 2012 – Wanderful, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious Editor's Choice Award for from Children's Technology Review for its interactive storybook, “Harry and the Haunted House.” “Harry” is the fourth title originally published by Living Books to be enhanced and updated for iOS devices by Wanderful.

Children's Technology Review honored “Harry and the Haunted House” in its October 2012 issue. Reviews measure ease of use for children, educational value, entertainment value, design features and overall product value. The interactive story tells the tale of Harry and his friends searching for their lost baseball in the “haunted” house across the field, overcoming their overactive imaginations in the process. Children’s Technology Review highlighted how “each room of the house is full of animated surprises that are designed to support the story” and how parts of the story are “told during the page turn transitions.” These are hallmarks of Wanderful and Living Books design, creating deeper engagement and exploration with the entire story. As Children’s Technology Review said, “There's no doubt that the Living Books still have their magic.”

"We are thrilled that Wanderful has been honored with the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award,” said Mark Schlichting, Chief Creative Officer at Wanderful and author of “Harry and the Haunted House.” “And we’re excited that Children's Technology Review is recommending Wanderful’s ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ app as well.”

About Wanderful

Originally introduced in 1992 by Brøderbund Software, Living Books were the industry’s first highly interactive storybooks and embraced by educators, praised by parents and cherished by children. Twenty years later, Wanderful CEO Mickey W. Mantle (who as Brøderbund CTO oversaw the technology development of Living Books) has assembled key members of the original team, including Living Books creator Mark Schlichting, to re-invent the wildly popular interactive storybooks. The team has built an entirely new multi-platform engine to drive the story experience on the latest tablets, phones and computers, resulting in interactive storybook apps designed for today’s generation of digital kids. Visit www.wanderfulstorybooks.com for more information or search “Wanderful storybooks” on the App Store.